Dating of different generations

When you date, you need to be prepared for different conversations and new experiences. If you are worried about dating expenses, try finding things to do that don’t require a lot of money.

Dating of different generations is an area of interest to many people. While stereotypes may be tempting, it is important to avoid making assumptions based on a person’s age.

For instance, millennials tend to be more open to nontraditional relationships. They are less attached to the idea of finding their soulmate, and instead see relationships as a way to fulfill different needs.

Generation X

Gen X is the generation that followed the baby boomers and preceded the millennials. It is sometimes known as the “latchkey generation.” Gen Xers are less interested in traditional hierarchies and status symbols, making them a little less likely to fall prey to the trappings of materialism and excess.

Gen Xers are a bit more pragmatic than their rosier-tinted millennial counterparts, and they prefer stability in work and home life. They’re also a bit more mature than their younger peers, which is why it makes sense that they’re more comfortable with traditional marriage and family roles.

With a skepticism that’s been nurtured by films like Reality Bites, Gen Xers are more comfortable with finding love in their own circles. They’re ditching dating apps in favor of reverting to a tried-and-true method: looking for love among their friends. Those relationships can even include same-sex partners, as one in five of this generation identifies as LGBTQ.

Generation Y

Often referred to as Millennials, those born from 1981 through 1996 are known for their love of technology. They are the generation that grew up with Internet, mobile phones and WiFi as their constant companions. They have less brand loyalty than Baby Boomers and are constantly looking for ways to automate and streamline business processes.

Generation Y is often accused of delaying traditional milestones such as leaving the home, becoming financially independent, marriage and having children. This is attributed to growing up during difficult economic times and their caution when it comes to committing.

Many in this generation also embrace a more liberal view of sexuality, preferring to be with people who fit their individual needs. This is reflected in their dating preferences and the fact that they are more likely to seek out interracial relationships.

Generation Z

Gen Z is a generation that refuses to play by old rules. They condemned skinny jeans, brought back the middle part and are re-defining their way of dating.

For starters, they prefer casual conversation over heavy sex or a big hookup to build a connection. They are also more open to mixed relationships – including friends-with-benefits, polyamory, solo polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.

The younger generation is also embracing gender-neutral pronouns. In fact, 6 in 10 Gen Zers say they know someone who prefers to be addressed using gender-neutral pronouns compared to only half of Millennials and 4 in 10 or fewer Baby Boomers.

The young generation also puts a higher emphasis on mental health. This could explain why they are more interested in casual sex and long-term commitments than Millennials were when they were their age. It’s also why they don’t believe in putting so much pressure on a date to get sex or find the “one.” In fact, more than half of surveyed Gen Zers say that a strong come-on is enough to turn them off.

Baby Boomers

The baby boomers – born after the spike in births following World War II – have different dating challenges than other generations. They have many nontraditional ways to meet a partner, including social clubs and online dating services.

Generation X, born between 1964 and 1983, came of age during the sexual revolution of condoms and the pill. They had a more cynical outlook and identified with anti-heroes instead of superheroes.

Unlike Gen Y, who may feel a need to be constantly connected to the internet via phones and tablets, boomers are more likely to prefer dates that involve leaving their houses and making a real connection. They also have a more traditional outlook on love and relationships, with many focusing on saving for retirement and helping their kids with student debt. With pensions and social security being reduced, boomers are focused on creating wealth so they can retire early and live comfortably. They’re also worried about being able to afford healthcare once they get older.

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